Coronavirus Connections in Curacao

Travel nursing is an amazing fusion of combining traveling to new locations while helping to heal the world. My name is Victoria and for the past three years I have been planning my start into travel nursing. It was not until this year that the stars aligned perfectly, and I was finally able to make my dreams reality.

Ironically, I was outside sunbathing, listening to Caribbean steel drums, and spending time with my mom, when I got the call. The nursing recruiter called asking if I would possibly be interested in taking a COVID assignment on the island of Curaçao. Without hesitation, I responded with a resounding yes! Three short days later I was on my way to Miami. At the time, I was completely unaware of how much this trip was about to change my life.

My assignment during this pandemic was to focus on providing respite to the nurses. Firstly, to the nurses who were beyond tired from many months of overtime and on the verge of severe burnout. Secondly, provide nursing care if an outbreak were to occur while we were there.

When I was not at work, I spent my time exploring the island and visiting the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life! The most memorable experience was when I went snorkeling for the first time in Curaçao. When I first looked down and saw the clear water beneath me, it was like I was being introduced to a new part of the world I had never seen or felt before. Sea turtles swam under, over, and around me as if I were one of them.

It was one of the most peaceful experiences I have ever felt.

Another incredible experience was hiking Mount Christoffel at sunrise. It was steep and very humid. There were some particularly challenging vertical sections that made me have to face my fears. Let me tell you, nothing beats climbing a mountain, getting to the top, and reflecting on all that you have accomplished.

While the ocean and landscapes are breathtaking, it is the people of Curaçao that had the biggest impact on me. The incredible nurses on the island that I worked alongside, as well as the hotel staff treated me like family, and the locals treated me as a friend, are what I will always remember.

During my last shift at the hospital, I cried because the women had made such an impact on me. Many incredible connections were also made with the fellow travel nurses from my medical team and they will always be my soul sisters for life! Truly, I am grateful for the experience and I loved every second on the beautiful island of Curacao. One day, I know that I will be back to visit my second family again.

Victoria | Willemstad, Curacao | Instagram

Fast Five -- try to answer in five seconds or less.

1. Three hours early to the airport or running to the gate? Three hours early. I hate feeling rushed.

2. Pretzels or Lotus Biscoff cookies? Biscoff cookies for sure!

3. Excel planned trip or just wing it? I enjoy a little bit of both. Have a few days planned out, then a few to enjoy and take in some recommendations from the locals.

4. Favorite continent? Thus far I have been to North America and Europe. It is on my bucket list to visit every continent, check back with me once I have visited them all!

5. Dream destination? The opportunity to visit any destination is already a dream come true, there is always something new to learn or discover from every experience.

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